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Equipment integration

In its construction, foodservice millwork is completely different than commercial or residential cabinetry. Foodservice millwork is driven by the requirements needed for proper equipment integration, not by the standards set by AWI for home or office use. It is significantly more demanding due to several factors, including: moisture control, equipment ventilation requirements, hot and cold transfer demands, proper MEP integration, high-traffic and abuse, and of course maintaining the safety standards required by NSF for food service areas.

NSF Certified

We are one of the very few millwork manufacturers in the US to be NSF Certified to produce food service grade casework and cabinetry. This ensures that we manufacture and install all of our millwork to adhere to the strict NSF standards enforced in the food industry.

FCSI Approved education provider

As foodservice millwork experts, CraftPoint Concepts is not only a member of FCSI but also an accredited continuing education provider for foodservice millwork and how it should be constructed. CraftPoint Concepts offers an accredited training on foodservice millwork for consultants, architects and dealers. We focus on the key differences, major issues and sanitation non-compliance arising out of using commercial or stock non-foodservice-grade millwork hospitality areas.

UL listed

CraftPoint Concepts is UL listed to manufacture casework with integrated electrical load centers.

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